With this release, goopax becomes even more user-friendly:

  • minor bug fixes in the header files and the installation scripts
  • improved standard conformity

This version brings new, exciting improvements:

  • Metal interoperability for iOS and MacOS. The graphical example programs now also run on iOS.
  • CMake targets for better integration into the build process.
  • Improved goopax_future mechanism for more control over the running kernels.
  • Stability + Performance improvements.
  • bug fixes
  • performance improvements

In this version, we have done some major improvements under the hood. This version brings:

  • significantly reduced compile time of the GPU kernels
  • improved support for half precision floating point operations
  • better compatibility with AMD graphic cards
  • other bug fixes

This version contains gpu compile time improvements, compatibility fixes, and bug fixes.

The new version brings support for the Android operating system! As such, all major operating systems are supported, allowing cross-platform, performance-portable development of a wide range of GPGPU applications on desktop computers, supercomputers, embedded systems, and mobile devices.

GOOPAX goes mobile! Starting with version 3.1.2, you can write cross-platform GPGPU applications not only on Linux, Windows and macOS, but also for iOS devices. Furthermore, the new Metal backend also increases performance on macOS.