Version 5.4.0 is released!

New changes in this release:

  • adding log10 and exp10 functions
  • moving WELL512 random number generator to header-only file <goopax_extra/random.hpp>
  • debugtype: tracing atomic access quite reliably when detecting race conditions
  • rewriting some example programs
  • updating half floating point library. Using std::float16_t when available to represent half values on the CPU (requires C++-23, not available on all compilers)
  • images: allowing 1, 2, 3, and 4 color channels (previously, only 4 channels were supported)
  • adding work_group_scan_reverse functions
  • showing source code file and line in kernel code, which makes debugging easier. This requires the user program to be compiled with debugging symbols (-g). This currently works on linux.
  • macos: raising minimum requirement to MacOS 11.0
  • windows: raising minimum version to windows 10